Sunday, November 30, 2008

We are all in this together.

The group mind expressed itself when traditional American values triumphed November 4 over the exteme positions espoused by the current administration. (neocolonial occupation, vapid amorality, situational ethics, pre-emptive aggression, institutionalized corruption, feckless arrogance, trickle-down corporate welfare, cost-plus-no-bid contracts, union-bashing, denial of science, studious ignorance, class war, sad delusions, flat lies, et al)
Friends and neighbors joined hands, across party lines, to reject corporate adventurism abroad, and a perverse advocacy for torture, rape, murder, and wiretapping. The American people flatly rejected a host of intrusive initiatives which threaten our constitution, contradict our values, and have aggregiously undermined our military readiness, economic security, and global reputation.
Our new national direction towards constitutional integrity, accountability, and moral compunction bodes well for this nation and the planet.

best regards and happy holidays... Tim

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